Shortly about the Company:

Laboratoires SolarTech is a service company specialized in the chemical analysis of different products.

Our main activity is evaluating the chemical quality of pharmaceutical products.

We also study and analyse natural supplements, cosmetic products, vitamins and food products.

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At SolarTech we put accent on the scientific aspect of our work.

Our main goal is to provide our customers and the public results as accurate as humanly possible with the modern analysis techniques.

In the same time we always improve our approach towards work process.

Financial profits are a consequence of our work and not the purpose of it.

That is why we are able to offer reasonable prices and provide maximum quality.

We believe that prices lower than what we offer might represent a risk to the population by sacrifying on quality and in such conditions, the customer could doubt of our results.

Here is what we propose:

  • Offer of service specific and adapted to your needs;
  • Analysis results ready in 5 to 10 business days;
  • Analysis results ready in 24h for emergency cases, with applicable fees;
  • Guaranteed quality of analysis results (clarity, traceability and transparency);
  • Exclusive and homogeneous documentation;
  • Paper Worksheets supporting rigor of analysis and reliability of results;
  • Work organisation structured to ensure optimal results;
  • Team with expertise and knowledge recognized by the pharmaceutical industry;
  • Company leaders directly involved in operations and analysis processes;
  • Solutions to answer particular issues (troubleshooting);
  • Advantageous and competitive fees;
  • Laboratory accredited by Health Canada.

How we do analysis:


The sample is registered at reception. A Unique IDentification number is given to each sample (UID).

Storage conditions are verified. Although the sample is rapidly analysed (QC process is initiated within 2 days of reception), the sample is stored at proper conditions (room temperature; nitrogen atmosphere; refrigerator or freezer).

Analysis process starts then with respect of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practises (GLP).

Following analysis, the sample file is tranferred for correction, verification and approval by QA Department.

Once the analysis complies to GMP and GLP principles, the Certificate of Analysis (CoA) is created and sent to the customer by email and by regular mail in paper format.